Mission Starts from 2004

The goal of the Texas District is to plant 200 congregations and ministries by the year 2017. The map below shows the work that has been done and continues from 2004 into 2013. The markers are grouped by color for each year of the start. You may now click on the colored marker in the right window to zoom to the location of any of the particular mission. (click on the map to see details) The missions identified on the map represent different Starts to 2012kinds of congregational mission starts ranging from church plants to medical missions to training efforts for workers in the Kingdom. On this site you will discover resources, prayer support tools, networks, administrative helps, coaching opportunities, and mission philosophy all of which bring passion to the work we have been given in God's Kingdom.
But this all beings with prayer.

Mission Prayer Ministry

Before every significant event in Jesus' life, He was first in prayer. (In fact His life was and is a life of prayer before the Father even though He is 100% God.) He went off on His own to pray before He called the Disciples. He lifted His voice in prayer before feeding the thousands who came to listen to His teaching. Jesus was in excruciating prayer before He was betrayed and led to the cross. I know you can identify other prayer/event connections.

Steps to Starting a Mission

Creating a Missional Culture

“The mission that God's people have is simply bringing the Gospel to those who don't know Christ. Everything else we do goes to that or we miss the point altogether.”

The First Three Steps: